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Being labelled as an ethical brand is the latest trend in the skincare industry. A lack of legal definition and regulations on using words like “natural” has made this area more confusing for even the educated consumers out there.
This trend is called greenwashing; purposefully spreading misinformation about products, claiming they’re environmentally-friendly, natural, organic, or even cruelty-free when they are not.
Natural Claims: This is the most common trend we are seeing in the industry; "The Natural effect" company's adding a leaf or the word natural to their packaging, giving the impression that their products are green and eco friendly. Since there are no regulatory standards out there its important to educate yourself as much as possible on the difference between natural and not-so-natural ingredients to decipher the claims. The best way to start is to read the ingredients list on your products. A great resource can be found on this website: www.ewg.org.
The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database enables you to see how both companies and their individual products rank in terms of health and safety. Products with higher rankings (i.e. 7-10) generally contain a higher amount of toxic chemicals then those with a lower ranking (i.e. 1-4).
The words "green", "eco", "natural" even "organic" unfortunately mean nothing in the industry. There are no standards for skincare products sold in the US or Canada, none. We think this is a real shame and we hope government will step in to better regulate this industry. 
Here at Butter Babes Inc. we pride ourselves on transparency. We believe consumers should and have the right to know exactly what is in their skincare products. We are proud of our ingredient choices, and have put a lot of effort towards bringing our customers the highest quality blend of oils and butters to nourish your skin, without any nasties. We believe the best bet is to choose the products and companies that offer transparency, information, and education, and we hope to encourage people to look past the pretty packaging.
Better ingredients mean better results. Certified-organic beauty products work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients. Just like you nourish your body with organic food, your skin deserves care with organic beauty products. Show your skin some love by taking care with what your putting on it. Caring for your skin is an act of self love we should all practice.

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